lördag 5 september 2015

Sail away to dreamland...

"Goodnight, time to call it a day
Sleep tight, dream your troubles away
Goodnight, in spite of any sorrow
There's a brand new day on it's way tomorrow
Someday, all your dreams will come true
Someway, for me and you
So close your eyes and dream of it my darling
Till then goodnight, goodnight, sleep tight

Won't you play the music so the cradle can rock
To a lullaby in ragtime
Sleepy hands are creeping to the end of the clock
Play a lullaby in ragtime
You can tell the sandman is on his way
By the way that they play
As still as the trill of a thrush
In a twilight hush
So you can hear
The rhythm of the river on the side of the boat
As you sail away to dreamland
High above the moon you hear a silvery note
As the sandman takes your hand
So rock-a-bye my baby
Don't you cry my baby
Sleepy time is nigh
Won't you rock me to a ragtime lullaby

Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye: "Good Night Sleep Tight" (1959?)

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